Friday, December 11, 2009

Texas Bluebonnet Kyle Wood Paints at the DAG Dec. 12, 11-3 pm

Kyle Wood was born in Dallas, Texas, on February 19, 1972, to parents Kenneth H & Patricia L Wood. At the age of ten, Kyle became interested in art. Initially, he doodled with paint-by-number series, but his Great Aunt, Mildred Stapleton, saw that he had great potential and encouraged him to take art instruction from a professional artist. Between 1984 and 1997, Kyle took oil painting classes from Calonnie Gragg, who taught at Nichol’s Art & Frame in Mesquite, Texas, and later at Barton on Boystun Gallery in Rockwall, Texas. Under her guidance, he quickly learned the basics of color mixing, value, hue, scale, and composition. In addition, he has taken several art & architectural classes at Eastfield College and The University of Texas at Arlington, where he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (December 1999). In 2003, Kyle had the privilege to study with June Lee, learning a romantic style and palette knife technique of oil painting similar to Dalhart Windberg.

As an artist, Kyle’s passion is painting landscapes and historical buildings. He credits much of his painting ability to his keen observation of perspective. Taking photographs while on vacation and at other leisure moments is the primary resource for his oil paintings. Some inspiration has also come from going to local art galleries to view the works of well known Texas Artists, such as Larry Dyke, W.A. Slaughter, Dalhart Windberg, and many others. Currently, Kyle is a member of Northeast Texas Fine Art Alliance, which meets monthly to promote art in the Northeast Texas Area. Kyle is also represented by The Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. His work is finding its way into corporate & private collections throughout America. Kyle and his wife, Lori, currently reside in Terrell, Texas.

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